Easy Access Bathroom Services

All of our bathrooms are easy access in order to simplify showering or bathing and to make the experience comfortable. If you have limited mobility or struggle getting around, our easy access bathroom services could make your life a lot easier.

Mobility Bathrooms Suites

Our mobility bathroom suites Buckingham are installed by professionals who can ensure all safety measurements are met for a safe and comfortable environment.

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Walk in Baths

Optimise your bathing experience with our safe and simple walk in baths Buckingham, installed by our dedicated team for an affordable price.

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Wet Rooms

Our wet rooms Buckingham provide the visual illusion of a bigger bathroom, as well as simplifying your showering experience with optimum comfort.

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Walk in Showers

Walk in showers Buckingham can make showering easier for those with limited mobility. Which is why we can plana and install your walk in shower for an affordable price.

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Why Our Customers Choose Us

The lifestyle mobility team have specialised in providing limited mobility bathrooms for over 10 years and strive to provide all of our clients with a safe bathing environment that is comfortable and suited to them. We have an eye for design and often help our clients with bathroom decor and finishing touches, we understand that you don’t only want your bathroom to be practical, but you want it to fit in with your home design! The importance of a working bathroom is vital, which is why we provide affordable quotes to each of our clients before any planning or construction goes ahead.

  • Affordable
  • Professional team
  • Repairs and maintenance after
  • Simple renovation
  • Low disrutpion
  • Completed quickly

See Success Stories

I have been struggling in recent years after busting my hip, it’s caused me many issues and made getting around difficult. I have walking sticks, but unfortunately, these can’t help me with tasks like showering. I was recommended to Lifestyle Group by a friend of mine who had had a new bathroom fitted. The team were so lovely and kept me in the loop with everything going on and even helped me paint my bathroom my favourite colour. The results were terrific and now I can be more independent without worrying. Spectacular work.

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