It can be hard to try and find a balance between functionality and style when it comes to planning the perfect bathroom design for elderly persons. Safety is essential to ensuring that your bathroom experience is optimised to function perfectly. However, with amazing choices in bathroom design, you can have a functional bathroom that looks stunning.

How To Plan The Perfect Bathroom Design For Eldergly

When thinking about the design of your bathroom, it is essential to plan every small detail. Incorporate elements into the bathroom that allows you to safely move around the room and enjoy your bathing experience, yet look stunning and modern. If you are beginning to plan your bathroom, then continue reading for some things to consider.

Identifying Problems

Before you begin to design the perfect bathroom, you need to consider what functions will help manoeuvring and safety. Elements such as wheelchairs or assistant walkers need to be taken into consideration when designing your bathroom. This is because the layout and features of the bathroom need to work with and not against you. Every detail of the bathroom should accommodate your needs, from the floor tiles being non-slip, to large areas for easy moving.

Things to consider when designing a bathroom for seniors:

  • How much space do you require?
  • Can you manoeuvre well?
  • Do you use the shower more than the bath?
  • Do you have enough storage and is it in the right place?
  • Is there anything that needs to be added to the bathroom such as handles?
  • Can you lift yourself over steps?
  • Do you need to sit down while carrying out tasks?

Identifying the problems that you face daily, will help you to design a bathroom that accommodates your needs and is a safe place for you to relax.

Overcrowded Bathroom


Making the bathroom accessible is essential to providing a space where older adults can move around the bathroom functional regardless of wheelchairs, walkers or unstable balance. Accommodating to the needs of the elderly mean that the bathroom has to have wider dimensions than your typical family bathroom. Start with the entrance to the bathroom by ensuring that the door frame is wide enough to accommodate assistance, allowing the continuation of independence. The dimension of your door frame should be a minimum of 34 inches wide so that a wheelchair can easily pass through.

Other features, such as the door itself, can have a significant impact on the experience of using the bathroom. Although levers are a better option for elderly individuals than doorknobs, as they are easier to push down on, sliding doors are the best choice. When using a wheelchair of an assistant walker, it can become difficult to manoeuvre around traditional swinging doors. Sliding doors provide easy access to the bathroom and manoeuvering around the entrance more pleasant.

For a fully fitted bathroom with wider dimensions than a typical bathroom, a mobility bathroom suite offers functionality without having to compromise on style. The wider dimensions of mobility suites minimise accidents and allow for easier and stress-free moving around the bathroom. Small details such as the height of the sink and the room underneath it can have a big impact for wheelchair users, and can even allow you to place a chair by the sink for easier usage. For more information on fitting a mobility bathrooms UK, feel free to contact one of our team members for advice on Lifestyle Group services.

Wokring Out Bathroom Dimensions

Accessible And Safe Showers

Lifting yourself into the shower can be a disaster waiting to happen, especially when the floor is wet and slippery. Designing a bathroom that accomodates to specific needs can make for a safer bathroom. A safe shower will include the following:

  • Non-Slip Floors Or Mats
  • Grab Bars
  • Shower Chair
  • Draws To Decrease Clutter

Minimise the risk of an accident by adding a walk-in shower or wet room into your bathroom design. A walk-in shower will provide a separate space in which you can wash without having to worry about climbing over the edge or stepping down. To enhance the showering experience, walk-in showers can also be provided with handlebars to ensure a safe grip and half-height doors to enable you to open and close the shower door easily. The range of showers available means that you do not have to compromise on style when installing a walk-in shower. Marble walls are available with crisp white shower trays and glass doors, making for a luscious appearance. Accompany your stylish walk-in shower with white walls and silver shower heads for the ultimate classy look.

With years of designing wet rooms in Bedford and the surrounding areas, we know that they can make showering convenient. The reason for this is because it ensures that the whole bathroom has no steps, and you can glide your wheelchair or assistant walkers straight into the shower. Much like the walk-in bathroom, there are a variety of different designs that you can choose from. Whether you choose white flooring or black tiles, there is a design that suits everyone’s needs as well as aesthetics.

Walk In Shower

Walk In Bath

As manoeuvring becomes increasingly harder when we age, most elderly people resort to showering themselves and miss out on the relaxation of having a bath. However, with a range of different style bathtubs, you can enjoy the pleasure of having a nice warm bath, without worrying about having an accident getting in or out. Walk-in baths are designed so that you can sit comfortably in the bath regardless of whether you have a wheelchair or need assistance.

You can choose a long rectangular bathtub with a small glass door on one side so that you can easily get in and out of the bath without having to lift yourself. The Easy Riser bath is perfect for safely relaxing in the bath, with its remotely controlled reclining seat. For a bathtub that allows you to sit upright, the walk-in California bath is a worthwhile luxury investment. The California bath has an internal locking system, allowing you to safely secure yourself in and not have to worry about bending over the bathtub to open the door from the outside. Whether you are looking for a bathtub to accommodate a disability or simply just for comfort and safety, Lifestyle Group provides a range of walk-in bathtubs.

Walk In Bathtub

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The toilet can often be overlooked with designing and fitting a bathroom for an elderly person. People often assume that the only solution to aiding elderly persons onto the toilet is the have a handlebar fitted beside the toilet. Although this will help when manoeuvring on and off the toilet, the toilet itself may be causing further frustration. Ensure that the height of the toilet accommodates the person that is using it. Toilets that are tailored to you can be significantly easier to sit down on. A toilet that is too high can be uncomfortable to get onto, while a small toilet can be hard to bend down onto.

Make sure that the height of the toilet accommodates your bathroom experience rather than making it more stressful. For more information about how the height of a toilet can help you and what toilets are best to use, take a look at The Seniors’ World blog.



Rethinking the storage within the bathroom can have a significant impact on the overall experience of showering, bathing, and completing everyday tasks. Storage includes everything from storage height to strategically positioned shelves. Placing shelves, racks and cupboards within showers and beside bathtubs, can make it easier for elderly persons to access their required products. Shampoo, shower gel and other necessary washing products can be placed in the shower so that manoeuvring is made easier and an accident is less likely.

Placing cupboards under the sink can make simple tasks harder than they need to be. Make sure that cabinets are a comfortable height for easy access to toothpaste, hand soap and other toiletries by fitting in a wall-mounted cabinet. For a modernised look, you could even have an open storage design, to allow you to grab towels and cloths quickly safely. For inspiration, when designing your perfectly fitted bathroom, take a look at Decoist blog for open storage ideas.

Other products such as soap dispensers can be mounted onto the wall to make every experience that little bit easier. Ensuring that every element of the bathroom has its own storage that can be accessed easily, will enhance the bathroom experience and make sure that it remains a safe and enjoyable space.

Bathroom Storage

Your Perfect Bathroom

A bathroom should be a place where you can relax, knowing that you are safe. Although the look of the bathroom should be part of your designing process, safety is the most important element of your design. Ensuring that the bathroom is a safe and functional place can make every bathing experience a relaxing one. There are many ways in which you can design your bathroom to accommodate your specific needs. By exploring the variety of designs and fittings available, you can choose the best fittings for you to help you as well as look aesthetically pleasing. For more information about walk-in showers, mobility bathroom suites and walk-in baths in Luton and the surrounding areas, feel free to contact Lifestyle Group via phone or email.

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