Aside from our bed, the bathroom is where we essentially begin and end our day, making it one of the most important rooms in the entire home. For this reason, making sure your bathroom looks its best at all times is vital. These bathroom decorating accessories and ideas will inspire you to get creative and give your bathroom a well-deserved makeover.

Your guide to innovative and practical bathroom decorating accessories and ideas

Decorating your bathroom can be as simple as adding a few accessories or as extravagant as installing a whole new suite, it’s entirely your choice on how you improve its aesthetic.

Before you start making any changes, you firstly need to decide what you want the final result to look like. If you have absolutely no idea how you can improve your bathroom, you should look at online inspiration galleries which showcase the latest trends in bathroom decor and design. You could even use the images you find to create a mood board of your own and collate all your creative ideas.

Once you’ve made a decision on the look you want to achieve; you can start shopping around for the best products. There are so many retailers to choose from when it comes to bathroom products, so make sure you do your research and don’t buy the first thing that catches your eye, as you could easily find cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

bathroom with statement floor

Colour schemes

The colours you use in your bathroom can transform the space entirely, so it’s important to understand what works best.

One of the most classic colour schemes many homeowners use in their bathrooms is blue and white. A nautical theme looks clean, crisp and calm, which is what anyone would want from their bathroom. Adding a marine twist to your bathroom is easy with the right colours, lighting and accessories.

Another popular colour choice is all white. An all-white colour scheme instantly makes your bathroom look clean and shiny but also makes the room feel more open and spacious. If your bathroom is quite small or lacks natural light, using white will brighten the entire room and reflect the light, especially if you opt for gloss tiling.

Mint green and white is also a fresh and chic colour combination that works well in any sized bathroom. The colour green is supposedly the most restful and relaxing colour for the human to view, making it perfect for when you want to unwind in the bath after a long, stressful day. The mint variation means it won’t be too harsh or in your face but instead creates a tranquil ambience.

The classic monochrome colour scheme is a very popular choice for the bathroom but can be improved with a bold accent colour of your choice. Yellow, pink or red all complement black and white well and will add some character to the bathroom.


A mirror is a key component in any bathroom, so knowing how to pick the right one is vital. Firstly, you need to decide on the size and location of the mirror. Typically, bathroom mirrors are placed above the sink for convenience, but obviously, you can put your mirror wherever you think it is most appropriate.

If you are planning to put your mirror above the sink, there is a useful hack which will help you determine what size it should be. A standard rule of thumb is that your mirror should be at least 1 inch smaller on both sides than the width of the vanity. However, if you are opting for a round mirror, you don’t need too concerned about matching it to the width of your vanity.

There is a huge variety of mirrors you can choose from, so here are some of the most contemporary options:

  • Turin Ambient colour changing mirror
  • This ultra-modern, hi-tech mirror features LED lighting which you can control to change between red, blue and white. It is also installed with Bluetooth technology which allows you to listen to the radio or your favourite songs by connecting to your smartphone or tablet. This is the mirror that keeps on giving because if that wasn’t enough, it even includes a de-mist pad which prevents it from becoming foggy!

  • Roper Rhodes Intense Illuminated Mirror
  • This mirror will instantly add an element of sophistication to your bathroom with its sleek, minimalist design. The LED illuminated frame creates a beautiful halo effect and it is extremely versatile, so can be hung in landscape or portrait. It also boasts a narrow depth, which makes it ideal for less spacious bathrooms.

  • HiB theme illuminated round mirror wall mounting LED mirror
  • This round mirror is simplistic yet practical thanks to it’s light adjusting touch switch which allows you to change the colour temperature from cool white to warm white. This is a super useful feature as your eyes are more sensitive when you first wake up and bright lights can be uncomfortable to look at. The heated pad also helps clear any condensation from the central area of the mirror.

luxury bathroom interior

Upgrade your textiles

Bathroom textiles are often an overlooked feature when it comes to renovating your bathroom, but they actually play a huge role in its overall look. For example, an old and worn out bath mat can make the entire room look unkept and messy. Simply replacing it will make the room look more refreshed and clean.

You should also make sure your towels and flannels are suitable. If they are looking a bit outdated or simply don’t complement your colour scheme anymore, then you should invest in some new ones. There is no better feeling than coming out of a shower or bath and wrapping yourself up in a clean, soft, warm towel, so treat yourself and make your bathing experience more comfortable.

Suitable lighting

According to Forbes, in order to create the best bathroom atmophere, you should use four different types of light: task, accent, decorative and sparkle.

Bathroom lights come in a variety of formats, so you need to carefully consider all your options before deciding which one is best to install in your bathroom. Aside from the aforementioned illuminated mirrors, you could opt for downlights which fit flush into the ceiling or a general ceiling light.

Smart storage

Keeping your bathroom looking organised and clean at all times can be quite tedious, but with the right storage solutions, your bathroom will be looking its best at all times.

If you have a small bathroom, you need to make use of all the possible available space, including under the sink. Undersink storage units take up minimal space but provide the perfect place to store all your bathroom essentials. Alternatively, you could use a tiered trolley, which gives you three shelves of storage space and features wheels so you can move it around your bathroom with ease.

Modernise your suite

If you are considering installing an entirely new suite, there are so many products you need to be aware of so you can make the best decision for yours and your family’s needs.

Walk in baths have become an increasingly popular as they can be used without difficulty by individuals with limited mobility and can be easily operated as a stand-up or sit down shower. The versatility of a walk in bath makes it the perfect addition to any bathroom, and there are so many styles to choose from, so do your research and find the best one for you.

Alternatively, if you want something more contemporary, you should consider having a wet room. Wet rooms Northampton are bespoke and specifically designed to make your shower experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Wet rooms are a great alternative if you have a small bathroom too as it will make the room appear less cramped and more spacious.

With easy access bathroom services Woburn Sands you will benefit from a bathroom with the highest quality safety features without compromising comfort or style. All bathrooms can be customised, so you don’t have to worry about it not matching your vision!

bathroom accessories

Create a statement floor

Just because your bathroom is a utilitarian space, that does not mean you can’t be creative and make it look stylish. There is a wide variety of tile designs to choose from for your bathroom floor, making it easy to match your overall colour scheme and find a pattern or design you like. If you do opt for a bold, statement floor, try to make sure the rest of the bathroom is relatively subtle and minimalistic. If you have too many bright colours and accessories paired with a statement floor, your bathroom will look overpowered and, in turn, make it a less relaxing atmosphere.

Finishing touches

The finishing touches of a bathroom will allow you to turn the room into a more personal space. For example, this quirky toilet paper holder resembles a sheep when filled with toilet roll. It can be used both free-standing on the ground or fixed to the wall dependent on available space and personal preference.

Bathroom wall art is a great way to add character to your bathroom and fill up wall space that may look plain and boring.

Keep your bathroom looking its best

Once you have decorated your bathroom to a standard you are happy with, it’s important to regularly maintain it and keep it looking brand new. Use this article to inform you of the many ways you can keep your bathroom looking clean for longer.

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