Due to the constant innovation of interior design trends, there are now a number of different ways that you can customise your bathroom to meet your mobility requirements without compromising on aesthetics. When designing a fully accessible bathroom that caters for all of your needs, the ability to stay safe while remaining independent is imperative. While there are a plethora of bathroom ideas ideal for maximising mobility, it can often prove somewhat tricky to incorporate all amenities if you have limited space. With this in mind, we have devised a list of bathroom and toilet designs for small spaces that are both practical and stylish.

10 Bathroom And Toilet Designs For Small Spaces

Any form of bathroom renovation requires a considerable amount of knowledge, preparation and planning, not to mention the added pressure if you also have to fulfil accessibility requirements to provide, for instance, wheelchair access. Luckily, there are now a wide variety of different bathroom specialists capable of designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke fixtures entirely tailored to your individual wants, needs and requirements. Even those who have limited space in their property are able to enjoy a fully functioning, practical and stylish bathroom while promoting complete independent living.

1. Wall Mounted Basin

Opting to equip your bathroom with a wall mounted basin continues to grow in popularity due to its seamless appearance and ability to maximise space. As opposed to a traditional pedestal basin, the wall mounted alternative comes alongside more compact dimensions which allow the basin to be directly fitted to the wall. As there is no pedestal included, basins can be installed at any height and will enable you to utilise all underneath floor space; particularly useful for wheelchair access as there will be no pedestal limiting movement.

Not only are wall mounted basins easy to use, but they are also incredibly straightforward to clean. No longer will there be the hassle of crouching down into an uncomfortable position to clear the pedestal from built-up dust and grime. Instead, the only component that will require cleaning will be the basin itself. As the basin will be fitted based on your ideal height, it will take a matter of minutes to achieve a sparkling clean finish.

wall hung basin

2. Stylish Wetroom

As one of the most popular bathroom solutions to enhance accessibility, a wetroom is capable of entirely transforming your showering experience. All wetrooms are equipped with a waterproof tiled floor surrounded by sleek glass screens to create a shower enclosure.

A wetroom is ideal for a smaller bathroom as it creates an ‘all in one’ solution, which is not only practical but also avoids all need for bulky fixtures that take up valuable space. There is no need for a shower tray, and all surfaces are installed with non-slip properties which guarantee safety when using the wet room.

When fitting wet rooms in Leighton Buzzard, many of our clients opt for equipping their space with a folding shower seat. Seats can be located next too of the shower controls, along with a handy shelf for toiletries to make showering as comfortable as possible.

3. Walk-In Baths

There is nothing better than a relaxing soak in a hot bath at the end of a long, stressful day. However, if mobility is limited, the difficulty to manoeuvre in and out of the tub with ease can somewhat dampen the tranquil experience.

Shallow, walk-in baths, on the other hand, are fitted with a watertight door on the exterior panel which allows users to step in and out, with no need to climb over a tall wall. With just a low threshold to step over into the bath, users can enjoy a dramatic improvement in safety and a reduction in the likelihood of a fall.

One of the biggest benefits of a walk-in bath is that there are tonnes of different models and configurations available meaning that they can be perfectly tailored to fit your requirements. As specialists in walk-in baths in Milton Keynes, we prove models in an array of heights, depths and widths, along with different sized doors to improve access.

Walk in bath

4. Multipurpose Grab Rails

As one of the most simple, yet effective of our bathroom ideas, multipurpose grab rails come alongside a number of fantastic benefits to enhance your bathing and showering experience.

While the kitchen is often seen as the most hazardous room in the house, bathrooms can prove just as, if not more, dangerous. Surfaces quickly become wet and slippery which makes them one of the biggest culprits of causing falls. Opting to install grab rails around the bathroom is a quick, inexpensive way to reduce the risk of falling. They provide just that little extra assistance when moving around your bathroom, allowing you to bathe or shower comfortably while maintaining full independence.

Complete Care Shop stock a wide variety of different multipurpose grab rails including ranges that are equipped with towel holders, corner shelves and soap dishes.

Bathroom hand rails

5. Patterned Non-Slip Tiles

Just because you have opted for fitting a mobility-style bathroom doesn’t mean that you cannot add a modern twist incorporating the latest trends. Patterned tiles, in particular, are ideal for embracing chic interior design themes and adding a splash of colour to your bathroom suite. We love the range of tiles available from Walls and Floors!

When beginning tile-shopping, it is imperative only to consider those fitted with anti-slip properties. Many slip resistant tiles have a rougher texture as it allows water droplets to fall into the crevices, minimising the amount of contact between the water and your feet, therefore, maximising grip. If you’re unsure on the idea of a rougher texture, then you may want to consider anti-slip alternatives such as acid etched tiles or adding a protective coating to your current flooring.

Grey bathroom tiles

6. Custom Height Toilet

The toilet is one of the only features of the bathroom that you can guarantee will be used consistently each day. With this in mind, it is important that toilets are placed in a position that means you can continue your daily routine disruption-free. Similarly to the wall-hung basins mentioned previously, custom height toilets have no tank or pedestal meaning that the height can be entirely tailored to fit your requirements. Installing a toilet perfectly suited to your height eliminates the strain of sitting down and ultimately making getting on and off considerably easier. We suggest taking a look at the Drench website for some design and style inspiration!

7. Bathroom Taps

Many different conditions cause physical restrictions which can make daily tasks such as turning taps not only difficult but also often painful. Luckily, there are an array of stylish bathroom taps explicitly designed for those with limited movement, that are more than capable of helping to alleviate this.

One of the most popular and cost-effective options are lever taps, available in both short and long lengths depending on your requirements. Lever taps entirely exclude the need to grip and turn the handle meaning that the hands, wrists and arms can all be used to switch the water on and off. For a more modern alternative, many homeowners opt for equipping their bathroom with infrared or sensor taps. The advanced design of infrared or sensor taps means that they are able to detect the presence of your hands underneath and will automatically trigger the water.

For more information on the different bathrooms taps available, take a look at the Bella Bathrooms Blog!

Lever taps

8. Space Saving Furniture

Storage is essential in a bathroom, particularly when you are faced with limited space. With the host of different toiletries, cosmetic and cleaning products used on a daily basis, without adequate storage, the space can quickly become cluttered.

In a smaller bathroom, optimising floor space is vital in ensuring that you can manoeuvre around the room with ease. This means that you want to keep the amount of furniture that requires floor space to a minimum – floating, space saving furniture will become your best friend! Wall shelving, towel rails, vanity units and cabinets can all be purchased in a floating style meaning that you can enjoy both maximised space and storage. Mirrored cabinets, in particular, are ideal for creating the illusion of a bigger space and provides tonnes of cleverly hidden storage.

Mirrored cabinet

9. Handheld Shower Head

Over our many years of providing clients with walk-in showers in Buckingham and surrounding areas, we have noticed the ever-growing benefits of fitting additional features to your mobility bathroom. While it may only seem like a tiny feature to consider, you would be surprised how much of a difference opting for a handheld shower head over a traditionally fixed option can make to your overall showering experience.

As opposed to a fixed shower head, handheld shower heads can be equipped with a hose up to 60 inches long meaning they can be raised and lowered at your convenience. Handheld shower heads come alongside no restrictions and allow you to have flexibility while showering. They can be used to shower both standing up and seated, perfect for retaining complete independence and enabling you to shower with no assistance required.

10. Accessible Light Switches

When transforming your bathroom, it can be easy to overlook the little features that you use every day. Light switches, in particular, play a key role in building an accessible bathroom.

Gone are the days where the only option for your home as a 2-way light switch. Now, there are a plethora of alternative designs that work towards building a comfortable, easy to manoeuvre bathroom. Large push button, toggle and sensor light switches are all now available which mean that you will not have to reach up, push or grip any switches to fill your sleek new bathroom with light.

Design The Perfect Mobility Bathroom!

While the main aim of installing a mobility bathroom is to enjoy bathing and showering with ease, independence and comfort, it doesn’t mean that you cannot design a stylish space filled with modern features. There is now a surplus of contemporary, sleek bathroom designs that are not only able to maximise mobility, but also inject a touch of personality.

If you’re interested in installing a mobility bathroom in Towcester and surrounding areas, then please feel free to contact Lifestyle Group or take a look through our fantastic success story transformations!

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