Details About This Project

What the Customer Required for Their Bathroom

Our most recent client needed a completely new bathroom after moving into their new home. The bathroom they originally had was a turquoise colour which did not suit their style. They also felt as though all the fixtures had been placed to close together in such a small place.

After discussing their options, they chose to have a walk in shower along with a fitted bath in the corner. Before we could start fitting the bathroom and tiling, we had to rearrange the plumbing layout to ensure everything worked sufficiently. We put the shower and tub in opposite corners of the bathroom to give them enough space to get in and out safely. Keeping it to a neutral tone, they also decided to go with a light grey gloss tile to help reflect the light and make the room appear bigger. As there was not enough room in the bathroom for a towel radiator, they decided to opt for a horizontal statement chrome one instead.

Customer Testimonial

"Our bathroom is perfect, the team did a wonderful job at getting the bathroom fitted in time. They’re so friendly and helpful when it came to design and installation, they were a delight to work with and we will be telling all our friends about them."

Stages of Our Work

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white fixtures on a grey gloss tile
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full bathroom view of walk in shower
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grey gloss tile bathroom