Getting around your home with limited mobility can be a difficult task. It’s paramount that your home is mobility friendly, to allow you, your friend or family member to have a good quality of independent life, and to remain safe.

How To Make Your Home Mobility Friendly

We have devised a few tips to aid you in creating the best possible environment for yourself or those that have limited mobility. Typically, the elderly tend to need mobility aids and extra care to keep them safe, as over time, they begin to lose independence. However, by carrying out the correct precautions and installing the correct equipment, you can ensure a fully functioning independent life and safety at all times.

So for more information on how you can edit your home to improve your quality of independent life, keep reading!

Get Rid Of Rugs

Although rugs are used for decor purposes and often compliment the design scheme of your home, they can be a danger for those trying to get around their house with mobility aids. Canes, crutches, wheelchairs and mobility scooters are just some of the most common assistance devices used by those with limited mobility to get around. Although this helps, they can cause issues when used on rugs or carpets. Canes and crutches can get stuck at the edges of carpets, which could cause injury or a fall. Not only this, but rugs can move when walked on if on a hard floor, if this is the case in your home, you become susceptible to slipping and falling. To reduce the risk of any injury, you may also want to consider looking at having rug grips. You can pick these up from most hardware or furniture store, but they provide you with that extra peace of mind knowing they are secure at all times.

Although you may not want to ruin the visual aesthetics of your home, it’s important that your home is safe and that you will not injure yourself. An alternative to this is carpeting your entire room. If you did not want hard flooring, carpeting your room is another way around this that will allow you to still have the rug effect, without the hazards that come with it.

Accept Help!

If you are suffering from limited mobility yourself, do not feel like a burden for asking for help! Your family and friends are guaranteed to want to help, so if you struggle with something or want to organise something in your home, all you have to do is ask! A lot of elderly people or individuals with a condition that limits mobility are overwhelmed with a sense of guilt whenever asking for help.

To your friends and family, you are a priority, so if you need help or want assistance with any daily tasks, they’re likely to want to help out and will go above and beyond to help make you comfortable. But you should never be afraid to ask for help, as accepting assistance can be a significant weight off your shoulders and can drastically improve your quality of life, it also eliminates the need for carers or people you do not know, to make visits.

woman and man in wheelchair


Stairs are a tricky task that the elderly and disabled have to tackle each day. What seems like a simple task to anyone else, can be really challenging for those who are living alone and have a condition that limits how easy it is for them to get around. One of the best ways in recent years to make getting up and down the stairs a chore of the past, is a stairlift. Stairlifts have been life changing in properties for those who need an extra hand making the journey to and from the different levels of their home.

They are generally installed on the side of your stairs that is opposite the bannister, this way it has close proximity to the wall and makes exiting the lift a lot easier. It works in the same way as an electric mobility chair would work, and typically has a button or a switch that allows you to choose the direction of the lift to go up the stairs, or down them. One of the best features of a stairlift is it’s excellent safety features. Although this may not always be necessary, most stairlifts have straps and buckles that strap the user in so they can’t fall out. Travelling at low speeds, there will be no discomfort or safety risks.

Mobility Bathrooms

We specialise in providing high-quality mobility bathrooms in Northampton. Showering and bathing is a task that people carry out every day, however, it becomes a chore if you are elderly or suffering from limited mobility. Although you can ask for assistance from friends and family, it’s taking away your independence and is demoralising. Privacy is vital in life, so to have it taken away from you by not being able to shower or bathe unaided can be extremely frustrating. Which is why we provide outstanding easy access bathroom suites that allow users to claim back their privacy, and start living independently once again.

Typically, people are put off installing a mobility bathroom as the renovation process scares them off and they think it’s going to make life difficult for them while the works are going on. Our mobility bathrooms take a short 3 days to install! This includes installation and designing. As well as this, most homeowners think that a mobility bathroom has to be bland and very boring; however, this is not the case. We offer a range of modern, as well as traditional bathrooms that although are mobility friendly, can match the rest of your home design. Our main products to improve independent bathing and showering include wet rooms in Aylesbury, walk-in showers and walk-in baths.

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Buy An Alexa

Alexa is a new invention that has shot to fame designed by Amazon. Alexa makes life more convenient and has thousands of features that will make her your best friend, and make home living considerably easier. If you need to remember to do something and want to set an alarm, all you have to do is ask Alexa. She is entirely hands-free and responds to absolutely anything that starts with the phrase “Alexa”, for example, “Alexa what is the time?”.

This smart gadget has completely revolutionised home living, and has now started transforming the lives of those who find it difficult to get around. One of the smartest features of this device is that it can connect to other appliances in your home. Fancy a cup of tea? If you have a smart kettle, Alexa can even boil the kettle water for you! As well as this, if it’s hard for you to get up to the thermostat, you can tell Alexa to turn your heating off or on with a simple call to her name. And rather than getting up to dim the lights, Alexa can even do this for you! Although it’s a form of modern technology that might be slightly more difficult for elderly people to decipher, it is changing the way individual’s live, and can make life easier for those who find it agonising even to get up and carry out the simplest of tasks.

Install A Ramp

One incredibly helpful device that is often forgotten about is wheelchair ramps. These are commonly found in public places, as well as on taxis, and numerous other things. The purpose of a wheelchair ramp is to make the transition to a higher space smoother, without the need for the user to be removed from the chair. These are great as they make the transition more comfortable for the user, and also make it simpler for those with them.

A lot of shops have steps leading up to them, which isn’t easily accessible for those in mobility scooters or wheelchairs. A wheelchair ramp is often installed that can be pulled out over the steps, or in some cases, there are even designated entrances for those with a disability or who need an easier accessible entrance. Installing one of these to your property will make too and from leaving your home effortless, and will even encourage you to make more trips out unassisted. We found that a lot of our customers didn’t leave the house as often as they would like, as it was difficult to do it alone without the help of equipment. A ramp can be life-changing, and could be just what you need to get back outdoors regularly.


Canes & Mobility Aids

As we previously mentioned, wheelchairs and mobility scooters are the most common forms of getting around. Some of the time, those who have limited mobility can walk unaided, just not for long periods. Which is why mobility scooters were created. The individual can generally get up themselves and get into the scooter; however, they cannot walk long distances unaided.

This is where something such as a cane could be helpful around the home. If you can get up and be mobile, but you have trouble balancing or can’t do it unaided for long, a cane could be perfect for you. Cane’s are used to walk with, and allows the user to put support onto the cane rather than themselves, it helps balance and can help its users get around for short periods of time.

Improve Your Quality Of Home Life Today

Now you know how you can improve your independence, it’s time to put these tips into play. Please remember if you do not feel comfortable or need help with anything to make someone aware. In the meantime, we hope that this article has helped you discover ways to improve independent living for yourself. For more information on our easy access bathroom services Buckingham, please feel free to contact a member of our team today.

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