When you have limited mobility, cleaning your bathroom day in day out can be difficult and tiresome. Which is why bathroom cleaning tips can come in really handy.

What Are The Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips?

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your household. Daily grooming and beauty regimes are held in there daily, as well as showering and everything else. Because of this, it becomes extremely easy for your bathroom to become messy and cluttered, and before you know it, you will need to dedicate an entire day to deep cleaning your bathroom.

This can be stressful and can take a lot of time when left, which is why bathroom cleaning tips to use daily as you go along can help you keep your bathroom clean and tidy. This eliminates the need for monthly deep cleaning and allows you to keep your bathroom tidy all of the time, by carrying out small intervals of sprucing up rather than a day-long deep clean. Although, if you have limited mobility or struggle getting around, cleaning can be a difficult task. In this article we have included simple cleaning tips that will make cleaning your bathroom less stressful and simpler to do, so keep reading!

Wipe Down Windows And Mirrors

When showering or bathing, it’s almost impossible to not produce any steam from the heat. When steam is produced in the bathroom, it will condensate onto any surfaces colder than the room temperature. Condensation can settle on anything from your walls, to the sink, to mirrors and windows. Windows are typically the worst culprit, especially if the weather outside is cold. This is down to the fact that your windows retain heat, but they will feel cold from the low temperature outside. Once the steam from your shower or bath hits this, it will condensate in large quantities.

The bad news about this is that with water constantly sitting on your windows and mirrors everytime you use the bath or shower, it can cause water stains and marks on your mirror. Although these can be removed easily enough, it can be a pain when you’re looking in the mirror, but your reflection is distorted or blurred by water spots. Window cleaning can be stressful enough anywhere in your home, it’s extremely difficult to clean them and to get a perfect shine without any wipe marks or water spots. If you find it hard to reach up high to your window then not to worry! You can purchase an extendable window cleaner! This makes window cleaning simpler and can provide better results than cleaning your windows with a cloth; you can also use this tool for any of the mirrors in your bathroom. Check here for tips on how to make your windows sparkle.

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Check For Mould

A lot of homeowners have mould in their home, and they don’t even realise it. They also don’t realise the health complications it can bring over a period of time. Mould can be present just about anywhere in your home, ranging from your kitchen, to your loft, living room or basement. It’s common in the UK and affects thousands of people each year. Mould can have a severe effect on you and your family’s health if not located and eradicated as soon as possible. The worst kind of mould is black mould, and this is typically found in bathrooms due to poor air ventilation and the high amounts of steam and condensation.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there, mould can even be found in the cavities of your home and can spread to the insulation in your loft or walls if the situation is severe enough. It is also a good idea for you to check your bathroom, to make sure that there is no mould present and that you have sufficient air ventilation either through an extractor fan or a window. However, the simplest way to clean mould out from your home is to use a professional and have them check your entire house. As it can cause respiratory issues, it is not the safest option to clean it yourself. The simplest and safest way to clean out mould and to remove it for good is to call a professional and have them make sure that it is removed permanently and that it is not present throughout your home.

Invest In A Handheld Hoover

Although it is not common to hoover your bathroom, it can be really effective in helping it stay clean and bright. With mobility bathroom suites Woburn Sands everything is laid out simpler and easier to reach. Because of this it simplifies hoovering and gets rid of any collected dust. Even your bathroom collects dust, and during certain times of the year, it’s warm wet environment can be the perfect habitat for spiders. Which means that you could end up with cobwebs and spider webs in the corners of your bathroom.

As these are high up, they could be difficult to reach if you are restricted. A handheld hoover has a long nozzle that can be lifted up to reach higher spots that a normal hoover wouldn’t be able to reach. As well as this, bending down to sweep up stuff that has fallen on the floor could also be an uncomfortable task. A handheld hoover allows you to hoover them up quickly without any hassle, take a look at this Dyson handheld and cordless hoover.

handheld hoover

Soak Your Bath And Sink

Your bath and sink are used almost guaranteed every day. Because of this after washing they can become built up with grime, and dirt and other things. This can become really visually unappealing even if your bathroom is extremely well kept, and can affect your beauty regime and the way that your bathroom is presented. Because of this, we always recommend to our customers to leave their sink and bath to soak on a monthly basis.

You can do this by using cleaning products combined with hot water. Fill up your sink and bath with hot water, combine it with a cleaning agent and then leave it to sit. You could sit and scrub your bath and sink, but this could be difficult and time-consuming, so for a simple clean we recommend doing it this way. Although you will not be able to use your bath or sink for a while, so be sure that you have washed and done everything you need to do before doing this. After a few hours you can drain out the water and whatever grime or dirt was there before will simply wipe off. To maintain a clean bathroom, we recommend doing this monthly, and be sure to rinse out your bath and sink to eliminate all traces of cleaning product.

Clean As You Go

The best way to make cleaning your bathroom, or in fact any room in your home simple, is to clean as you go along. One thing that we find a lot of our clients do, is that they carry out their daily ritual, and then leave it while they go to work or out for the day. By the time they come home, it is either too late, or they’re too tired to clean the mess that they made previously in the day. The next morning the morning rush is back on, and there is not enough time to clear up the previous mess; therefore the mess and clutter just builds up until it becomes unbearable.

This is how rooms become cluttered and dirty quickly. Although it may be a pain and slightly time-consuming, cleaning as you go is the best way to keep things neat and in order for a longer period of time. You can do this with simple things, like putting things back from where you got them from and wiping up any spillages on the spot. This way rather than letting the mess build up until you can no longer look at it, your bathroom is always spick and span due to you keeping it neat as you go along. We always recommend having a pack of dettol wipes on standby so that it’s not a hassle for you to clean up any spillages as they happen.

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Clear Your Drains

Thousands of homeowners forget this crucial cleaning task every year, and end up forking out thousands of pounds for underground plumbing repairs. Your home plumbing systems are crucial, and when proper care isn’t taken it can result in leaks and pipes bursting. These are no cheap fixes, and it could end up being a financial pain. Although not to worry, as there are a number of simple things that you can do to clean out your drains and make your bathroom cleaner.

The main issue with drains in the bathroom, is that when left to clog up they look unsightly and can affect the entire appearance of your property. The main issue is hair, when washing your hair naturally it falls out, once this builds up it can clog up your drains and cause draining issues. If it manages to make its way down the plughole, it can cause huge blockages that may only be removed by a professional. As well as this, all of the products that you use in the bath or shower contain oils and things that can solidify or become stuck in your drain. Once this builds up, this is also something that can clog up your drains. It’s incredibly important that you clean out your bathroom drains and keep them free from blockages. As all of your bathroom pipework is related to each other, even if your bath drain become clogged up, when left the pipe can burst and can even cause a sewer back up in your home. Not only is this devastating to your home from the effects of water damage, the water is dirty and unsanitary, which means it could be holding all types of disease and bacteria. If you are noticing problems with your drainage systems or think that something is wrong, please contact your local plumber to come and investigate. Check here for signs that your drains are blocked.

Update Your Bathroom

The main component of having a clean and tidy bathroom is to make sure that it is practical for yourself. If you have limited mobility, cleaning a regular bathroom could be difficult and could require help from friends or family. Our easy access bathroom services Buckingham allow the planning and installation of a fully functioning mobility bathroom, that is tailored for those who find it difficult to get around independently.

Although, do not think that your bathroom has to be bland and boring, you can still have any design you wish; we supply both modern and traditional designed mobility bathrooms to compliment the rest of the design in your home. You can simplify your bathing experience with walk in showers Aylesbury, these are easier to clean and will improve your bathing experience. Updating your bathroom can optimise storage solutions and make the entire cleaning process easier.

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Implement These Simple Cleaning Tips

Now that you know how to keep your bathroom clean using these easy tips, you can create your perfect bathroom that fits in with the interior design of the rest of your home. For more information on wet rooms Northampton, please feel free to contact a member of our team today.

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